“Teo promises Kanya to take her around the world… That is if he manages to meet his father’s condition.”

Mid 2014, Michelin was planning to launch a new motocycle tire called “City Pro” on the Asia market. They wanted to promote this extremely durable and resistant tire through a story rather than a traditional commercial. The French production company Evimage contacted me to respond to Michelin’s bid. Michelin selected my screenplay because it aimed at recounting a light fun touching story, while still featuring the tire qualities in the background. A few weeks later, I was in Bangkok direct it…

You can also find the movie on Michelin Motocycle YouTube channel in Thai and Malaysian.

CREDITS (partial)

With Napat Mingkwanyuen (ณภัทร มิ่งขวัญยืน), Honey Intarawasu (ชุติพร อินทรวสุ) and Vorarat “Jub” Jutakeo.

Client: Michelin (Peggy Bourreau/Frédéric Mabrut)
Producer: Frédéric Gaetan / Catherine Gautier (Evimages)
Production Manager: Shayne L. Van Vlerken/Jenny Balee (Bangkok Video Production)

Writer/Director: Noah Nuer
Director of Photography: Gregory Dufrien/Basile Pierrat